Julius: Briceño Should be Disciplined

The People’s United party discussed and are dealing with the matter internally; that is what Party Leader Francis Fonseca told the media on Wednesday earlier this week regarding statements made by Hon John Briceno in a recording that has seen much air time. The argument on the other side, however, is that the accusations being made are that monies were looted out of the public purse during the Musa/Fonseca administration. That is the same argument that the Prime Minister used to address the PUP’s response to allegations made on that recording by senior member of the PUP, John Briceño.


Dean Barrow- Prime Minister of Belizevlcsnap-2015-03-18-09h29m01s237 “Mr. Speaker, How is God’s name can the robbery of millions and millions from the public purse be private PUP business. Those tens of millions were for the people, belong to every man, woman and child of this great nation. On behalf of our democracy, on behalf of Belize, I call on the Leader of the Opposition, to reverse course, to stop the stone walling, to halt the cover up. He must address immediately, fully and publicly the comprehensive wholesale indictment of the PUP by its past leader.”


Outside the House, Fonseca reiterated his position and clarified what he meant when he said the matter is being dealt with privately.


Hon. Francis Fonseca – Leader of the Opposition “We have made it clear and i have made it clear that the allegations on that tape are, in my view, baseless, they are unfounded, that is my position. In terms of the discussion of all of these matters, those have been discussed and ventilated. That is the record.”

Reporter ” When you spoke such words, that are baseless and untrue about very senior members of the party, then should he not be sanctioned.

Hon. Francis Fonseca

vlcsnap-2015-03-18-09h51m22s25 “That part is a personal matter for us man and we’re dealing with it. That is a private internal party matter. That’s what I have been saying.”


One member of the party who believes Briceño should be disciplined is Deputy leader of the Western Caucus Hon Julius Espat, whose name was also mentioned in the recording, accusing him of the misappropriation of monies. He made his disclaimer on those accusations on facebook immediately after the recording was leaked to the media and Espat says he had received permission from the party leader to do so.

Julius Espat- Area Representative Cayo Southvlcsnap-2015-03-18-10h05m45s171 ”I became a member of the People’s United Party because of John Briceño. I’ve served under him from 2009, i believe until 2012. I was his most loyal soldier, I was his treasurer , so I believe he knows how I operate, he knows how accountable I am. And that’s why it was disappointing to me what he said and I have requested an apology from him in private and I still haven’t got one yet and therefore I am still requesting an apology. But to me, itls over, meaning I have made my statement, I stand for what I believe in and if he doesn’t want to apologise, that’s a manly decision on his part.”

Reporter “Should he be sanctioned for the things he said about the party.”

Julius Espat- ” Of course, I believe so. I don’t know at what level but I believe there should be discipline in our party and what he has done is against the principles of the People’s United Party and he should be disciplined one way or the other.”

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