Former PUP candidate in Cayo North Richard Harrison hit out hard at the Opposition in a public statement issued through other sources, accusing them of essentially throwing him under the bus after his heavy defeat to the UDP’s Omar Figueroa in the Cayo North by-election in January and freezing him out of plans for the division. Today the party responded in a fashion, saying that it will not allow itself to be distracted further by complaints such as Harrison’s.

Godfrey Smith- National Campaign Manager, PUP”vlcsnap-2015-03-23-14h24m15s33

“We will not be distracted y those sorts of red herrings . The party recognizes that it has a lot deep and fundamental work to do and that is just what we intend to do.


“What about those who interpret that as you are not taking — seriously?”

Godfrey Smith

Then you have to judge us by our actions as we move forward.”

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