Belize Drew with Cayman Island

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Last night,Wednesday march 25, The Belize national football team, the Jaguars, played to a very small audience at the FFB Stadium in Belmopan against the national team of the cayman islands, which ranks 205 out of 209. Though President of FFB, Ruperto Vicente had boasted a 6-0 ball game, last nights first game of World Cup 2018 ended with 0 – 0. Belize missed a penalty shot in the opening minutes of the game, and that appeared to cast a long shadow over the remainder of the game. The belize team clearly dominated the game but could not convert that control of the ball into a goal. RAYNARD PIC Raynord garbutt, CO-HOST of plusTV’s Sportzone gave PlusNews his analysis of last night’s scoreless game


Raynard Garbutt – ‘Sportszone’ T.V Talk-show Hostvlcsnap-2015-03-27-11h48m27s140

“When you’re in a rebuilding stage, I don’t thing that ranking plays a major factor in that. What we say last night was the passing of the baton. We  say the young players that came into the game had a major impact on the game. I have my sentiments about whose starting the game and who should have started the game, but I will hold that for another time. We got an opportunity early in the game, in the early minutes of the game, we got a penalty and we didn’t capitalize on that and people are measuring the game on that one play of that penalty. I think that the positive things out of the game – the positive things that you can pick out of the game is that Belize controlled 80% of that game. That is something that we never say in a long time when it comes to Belizean football.  We saw a game where the ball is being played from the goal keeper to the defence to the midfield to the forward and opportunities was created off that. So we see that we have implemented into this National team, a structured football where we seeing a different passion. It’s not that old type of football where the defence would just lob it over to the forwards and forget that we have midfielders. 


The Deon McCaulay CONTROVERSY WAS reawaked after the game as many fans of belize’s top scorer took to the internet and airwaves claiming that, had he been a part of the team, the results would have been different. here is garbutt’s takeon the issue!


Raynard Garbutt

“We have to move away from this Deon McCaulaysentiment that is going around the country. The fact is, let us agree that Deon McCaulayy is not on the National Team, Deon McAllay had an opportunity to be a part of this National Team. And I wish that McCaulay, instead of having his dad coming out and speak for him, would address the media. Why is he taking this backseat and not addressing the media and address the situation on why Deon McCaulay not on the national team. Yes Deon McCaulay is our number 1player in the country, I agree with that, I will not take that away from him but I really think that Deon McCaulay did an dishonest to the Belizean people when it comes to football. Because he. being a key player should have made those step to the Federation saying,’ look I am over my operation now,  I am good to go, so I will come into camp and train. ‘ Deon McCaulay was not active pover the last 4 or 5 months when it comes to playing competitive football. There is a whole lot of things that are going around Deon McCaulay that the Belizean People don’t know about and I will address some of this  on my show Monday night. “


The second game against the Cayman Islands plays in Grand Cayman this coming Sunday night, March 29.

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