Darrell Bradley announces candidacy for Caribbean Shores

It is now official: less than a month after earning a second term as Mayor of Belize City, Darrell Bradley has set his sights on national office, specifically area representative for the constituency of Caribbean Shores. It is the former home of Prime Minister Sir Manuel Esquivel, Minister Carlos Perdomo and currently Minister of State Santiago “Santino” Castillo, who has the support of Prime Minister Dean Barrow. But Bradley has never been a shrinking violet and today he made clear that he believes residents of Caribbean Shores deserve better. Here is his announcement.


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“So it gives me great honor, great pride and great humility to stand before you this morning and to declare in one resounding voice that I intend to run for area representative in the Caribbean Shores division of Belize City. I know that when I say that, that will not come on easy ears. The road to leadership is a daunty one and that is why this morning, I ask each and every one of you to partner with our team; to partner with me and to work closely for the development and the enhancement of this area. I rest my campaign on this fundamental principle, that all change- all development must come when you have a leader with a certain heart, when you have a leader that stands for integrity, when you have a leader who is a person of character, and who will reach out to every single person in our community to work hand in hand to ensure that everyone is taken care of – that every single person receives a benefit and that government works for everyone.”


According to the Mayor he is following in the footsteps of many politicians, local and international, who started out at lower levels before moving up to the highest office. But how does he envision a successful campaign when many of the personalities whose names he called today are lined up against him? Here’s what he told us

Darrell Bradley

vlcsnap-2015-03-31-10h51m00s82“There is no question of matching up. I am not approaching this from the point of being a novice. I know that there will be a significant amount of money against us. There will be a significant amount of political support against us. But, we have had previous interviews where you put the same kind of opposition against us. BML was dauty- when we had the municipal bond and we launched that , that was daunting. When we dealt with the BML transition that was daunting. So, what I am telling you is that it is about the courage of your leader to stand up and say, you know what, I am for character, I am for change, I am for vision and if the people want Darrell Bradley, then just vote. So there will be forces against us, but that is not something that has not happened before and we have still made a difference. So that I believe that this campaign will be about issues, it will be won on the ground, and I believe that when they’re on the ground, point for point, person for person, they can’t match up with us.”


Bradley’s campaign slogan is “Believe”. He explains what it means.


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“Ladies and gentlemen, the Caribbean Shores campaign; the  theme for our campaign, and I will talk about this more in the upcoming weeks, is ‘Believe!’ A group of us sat down together and we came up with this theme because we want every single person in this area, all approximately five thousand, seven hundred (5,700) electors and every other person that lives in the Caribbean shores, to believe first and foremost in the power that comes when we work together. When we are unified as one people, as one community, to make our area better for each and every one of us.”

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