Tyrone Neal shot dead two hours after Medina murder

Three hours later around one in the afternoon, the heretofore quiet area of Kraal Road was shaken by gunfire. When it had all settled Fabers Road resident 34 year old Tyrone Neal lay dead of multiple gunshot wounds in a yard at the corner of Kraal Road and Haynes Street. Supt. Hilberto Romero tells us more.

Supt. Hiberto Romero – OC, CIB Eastern Divisionmark27.4.15d

“On Sunday 26th April, police responded to a shooting on Kraal Road. They found expended shells. They visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where they fund Tyron Neal, 34 years, with gunshot wounds to the chest and to the abdomen. About an hour thereafter, he was pronounced dead at the KHMH.”

“What was the motive?”

Supt. Hiberto Romero

“There is no motive for this shooting – all we can say is that he has been charged before for what we consider a minor crime, such as harm, threatening words and bicycle offences and again for that we have one person in custody and we are continuing our investigation.”


Sir can you release some information as to how the incident had unfolded as far as police knowns?”

Supt. Hiberto Romerovlcsnap-2015-04-28-10h48m24s134

“He was in the yard at the address on Kraal Road when a gun man came up to him and fired several gunshots at him.”


“Sir, these two murder cases within the cit, from police investigations, are they related?”

Supt. Hiberto Romero

“We have not been able to establish any connection. Again, they happened yesterday so we are continuing with our investigations.”


Police now have one person in custody pending further investigation of Neal’s murder.

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