National Agriculture and Trade Show preparations on the way

The National Agriculture and Trade Show in Belmopan, arguably the largest national event of the year, kicks off this weekend starting tomorrow on Labour Day. We visited the show grounds earlier this week where we spoke to the head organizer of the event, Chief Agriculture Officer Robert Harrison.  According to Harrison, the effort  to make the agric show a safer and more family oriented event continues this year.


Robert Harrison – Chief Agriculture Officer, MNRAvlcsnap-2015-05-04-11h25m27s152

“One of the things we have done, even from two years ago, he have created zones. We have zoned the ground into different zones. We have an agricultural zone which is down by the Roaring Creek Bridge. We have a livestock and agricultural displays at that end. We have a zone for entertainment which is for the selling of beers and music. There is a non-alcoholic zone on the grounds between where Running W is down to the crops displayed booth where nobody should be consuming alcohol in that area.  One of the things that we will attempt to do this year is to also restrict any person below the age of 18 to enter the alcoholic zone. We are attempting how best we can coordinate that with the police force. “


Organizers are also cranking up the security. Harrison spoke to us about a new police booth being built at the show grounds.


Robert Harrisonvlcsnap-2015-05-04-11h28m54s40

One of the things this event is , is that it is one of the biggest national events in the country. It has its own risk and security. Previously, the police force had a very small police boot out here and we thought and saw it very nessesary to build a structure that would last its time  but more so to be the commanding center for security out here in the grounds. So we invested in putting a police station that will serve – again the idea is that this grounds can be used much more that for just the three days event.”


The event opens on Friday morning free of cost with a kids rodeo show as the main event. On Saturday and Sunday the entrance is 5 dollars. vlcsnap-2015-05-04-11h30m02s206

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