Minister insists on proper content in BRC books

On Thursday we reported that the Ministry of Education had settled its case in the Supreme Court via mediation with BRC Printing Limited. BRC had sought leave for judicial review of the Minister Patrick Faber’s decision to reduce the contract the Ministry offered BRC in the 2013-2014 school year for buying its books, only to reduce its commitment over concerns of synchronicity of the content in the BRC books with the Primary School Curriculum, particularly in the area of reading. The two sides have come to agreement and the Minister told us yesterday that it has been able to make BRC see the importance of sticking to the curriculum.


Hon. Patrick Faber – Minister of Educationvlcsnap-2015-05-05-11h37m33s79

“What we have agreed to is to proceed with issuing a new contract to BRC but that we are very insistent  that whatever kind of contract is signed, that that contract includes in it, the product that the ministry wants and not necessarily what the producers want  to produce and force on us. That was always our issue. The ministry would always prefer to work with our local producers but you will understand that we have to operate as a business as well. We are looking for quality instruction  – the mandate determining what is indeed best for our children is left in this ministry – once we decide that, we become like a business  we want to purchase a product. We are going to purchase what we want to purchase and not what you want to sell us.”


The books, once printed, will be reviewed by the Ministry prior to being accepted for distribution to schools under .

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