5.3 million in one year for PM’s brother?

Prime Minister Barrow has constantly been accused of not only nepotism, but of helping to enrich his family members through the constant legal battles that his administration has taken the country through. The PM’s top lawyer of choice has been his brother, Dennys Barrow. According to a recent report in the Amandala Newspaper, leaked information from the government’s Smart Stream system   revealed that in 2017 alone, the administration of Prime Minister Dean Barrow paid $5.3 million to Dennys Barrow’s law firm,  Barrow and Company.  That 5.3 million was spread out over  separate payments within the year. Amandala says that  “…the bulk of the payout to Denys Barrow’s law firm came from the Ministry of Finance, a Ministry led by his brother”, Hon. Dean Barrow.  It is noteworthy that the payments made to Barrow and Company represent only a fraction of legal fees spent by the Barrow administration within the yearvlcsnap-2018-01-11-16h50m53s387 vlcsnap-2018-01-11-16h46m56s218 vlcsnap-2018-01-11-16h51m39s424

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