5 persons arrested for drug trafficking

5 people, including a minor, were arrested and charged for drug trafficking when they were busted with four thousand grams of cannabis in the village of Arenal in the wee hours of Wednesday morning. According to San Ignacio Police, authorities were on foot patrol within Arenal Village, Cayo, when their attention was drawn to a Red Mitsubishi Galant Car with Belize City License plates travelling on an unmade street. With their flashlights,  the officers signaled the vehicle to stop, however, police report that the vehicle instead swerved directly towards them. Police say they fired a single warning shot but the driver of the vehicle refused to stop. As a result, police fired shots at the left front wheel of the vehicle which brought it to a halt. One person was seen exiting the vehicle and throwing a large white ball shaped object about 10 feet from the scene on the right side of the road and ran accompanied by anther male person who was seated in the back seat. Police pursued the two men, ordering them to stop. The three other occupants of the vehicle including the driver stayed inside the vehicle. All 5 persons, namely 20 year old Dillen Dougal, 18 year old John Garcia, 32 year old Egbert conorquie, 35 year old Anthony Conorquie and a 17 year old minor, were escorted to where the object was thrown. Upon opening the item, police say they discovered cannabis. All five persons have been placed under arrest for the Offence of Drug Trafficking. Drug trafficking related offence carries a fine of no less than $10 thousand dollars and includes a sentence of no less than 3 years in prison.

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