5 year boy old sexually assaulted by uncle

There is a very disturbing report coming from the Southern District of Toledo, where it is alleged that a 5 year old boy was sexually assaulted by the next door neighbour.

According to police reports, a grandmother of Independence Village took her 5 year old grandson to the Independence Police Station, where she reported that on Sunday October 19th, a man bit her grandson on his private part, while performing oral sex on the child.

A medical examination was conducted on the child, where his injury was classified as harm.

Reports of sexual assault against children often cross our table, and while it is our duty as the media to expose these sexual predators for their degrading acts, we have to refrain from calling the name of the offender this time, for fear that the child might also be identified due to the close family ties.

The 25 year old man, whom we understand is also the child’s uncle, has since been arrested and charged with aggravated assault.

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