A 50 year old Belize City resident was shot to death during a dispute with his neighbor. According to Police, 50 Year

old Manuel Villanueva was in his yard at about 5:30 p.m. yesterday evening when he got into an argument with his neighbour Manuel Pacheco. As a result of the argument, Pacheco fired several shots at Villanueva which caused his fatal injuries.  Robert Slusher, who chose to speak off camera, told us what he remembers most about his deceased friend Villanueva

Robert Slusher, Co-Worker: The most jobile, kind hearted, always be there for any man to give them some sort of assistance. I can never find him in a moment where he’s upset. He is always at peace, that’s why it’s very difficult for me to not here his voice. We’d always be together even in death, always together. He does the mechanic and I do the electrical.

Jose Manuel Villanueva was transported to the K.H.M.H., where he was pronounced dead upon arrival. The body awaits a post mortem examination. Police are investigating.

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