Two men in court for attempted murder

vlcsnap-2013-04-02-20h40m46s185Last night we told you about 30 year old Dane Enriquez and 23 year old Alexander Underwood who were jointly charged with one count of attempted murder upon a police officer Raphael Abraham while Enriquez was additionally charged with the attempted murder of PC Juan Morales and damage to property to wit. Police have since issued a statement on the incident. The report says that on Saturday March 29th at about 7 pm,
PC  Raphael Abraham and Special Constable  Juan Morales were on motorcycle patrol when they saw a pickup  parked in front of a church on Vincent Ramos Street.  Upon approaching it, the Ford Ranger began to drive off and turned into Apollo Street.  PC Abraham and SC Morales then made a U-turn and approached the driver who attempted to knock down SC Morales and pushed him into the bushes.  The Ford Ranger then sped off and was followed by PC Abraham and then followed by SC Morales.  After reaching a dead end area in the Belama Phase Four, the Ford Ranger came to a stop and reversed facing PC vlcsnap-2013-04-02-20h40m51s248Abraham and someone inside fired three shots at PC Abraham, who took cover leaving his motorcycle on the side of the street.  At this time the Ford Ranger then came forward and knocked PC Abraham’s motorcycle and it got lodged under the front of the pickup truck.  It continued going forward and veered toward SC Morales who had reached at the location.  Upon seeing the pickup heading to him, SC Morales pulled out his service 9mm and fired shots at the pickup truck which continued about two hundred feet until it came to a stop.  At this time three occupants exited the vehicle and began to run away.  PC Abraham set chase and with the assistance of a civilian in his vehicle, was able to catch up to the suspect who fell off the bicycle he had stolen out of an open yard . The suspect jumped up and continued running.  At this time PC Abraham pulled out his service 9mm and fired a single shot at the suspect who received injuries to his left foot just below the knee.  In court yesterday, due to the nature of the offenses, bail could not be offered to either of the two suspects and so they were remanded to prison until their next court date – May 29.

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