Public Service Information Day

“Commitment, empowerment and industriousness: cultivating and ethos of selfless service to all Belizeans” That is the theme under which this Year’s Public Service information day is being celebrated. As part of the celebrations the Ministry of Public Service hosts a forerunner event as a form of education. Today departments set up booths at the Sir George Brown Field in Belmopan to sensitize the public-students and adults- about the different services offered by the public service departments.

Alfredo Cruz -Retired Public Servantvlcsnap-2015-05-29-11h04m24s71

“I believe that the theme is very fitting as we try to have a modernized public service of Belize. This can only be done if public officers know their roles, responsibilities and function. Public officers must understand that the primary role is to provide effective service to the people of Belize in a timely manner. Public officers must be professional and willing to serve.”

Louise Willis  – Belmopan City Councilorvlcsnap-2015-05-29-11h44m53s22

“As a former law enforcement officer and also a public officer,  I can relate to the hard work, the dedication, the many hours of service that public officers dedicate to the public service. “ 

Freya August  – Chair, Organizing Committeevlcsnap-2015-05-29-11h45m02s129

“In 2005, the Government of Belize signed on to the UN Public Service Day and since 2006, we have been having a forerunner event known as the Public Service Information Da. The Public Service Information Day is a completely s eparate event in earlier years however, we do have it as a forerunner event,. It is about five years now where we come together as a public service institution and showcase the services that the Belize Public Service offers. We are here to serve the government and the people of Belize and that is what this information day is all about.”

 Emanuel Pech – Plus TV Reporter

“What sort of booths are out here today?”

 Freya August

We have departments and  ministries from all perfectives of the government. We have Ministry of Public Service, that is the ministry which I reside. We spare head the initiative, however,  the initiative is not  the Ministry of the Public Service, it is the Belize Public Service who you will find in places like the Elections and Boundaries, our sister department, Tourism department, lands department and every department that you can think of. those are only a few that comes to mind and it is not to give special recognition. We also have the health department. There are just so many departments, we have twenty five, if I am not mistaken, and we have representation from most of those departments.”

Tomorrow the public service day committee will be in San Ignacio.

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