PM speaks on Castro’s case withdrawal

The Prime Minister spoke today on the issue of Edmund Castro’s withdrawal of the case against Alvarene Burgess. Castro was suing Burgess for defamation of character after she alleged that Castro was paid to facilitate visas for  Asian nationals but just before the announcement of the verdict, Castro withdrew his case against Burgess.  Here are the PM’s comments on that.

Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister“It is an allegation, an assertion that he rejects and his council, in fact, attempted to put her through the mill and mvlcsnap-2015-07-09-14h52m36s60aintained the position that is a ghost on truth. Ms. Burgess certainly didn’t prove and was unable to prove, perhaps did not need tobut the fact is there is no proof of that kind of allegation so, Castro, the good Edmund will of course, tell you that look, he just went through a huge UDP convention and won handsomely so that his people certainly don’t accept the testimony of Alvarene Burgess, but all that aside.”


Reporter – “But you’re the boss, at some point walks like a duck talks like a duck, it’s a duck.”

Hon. Dean Barrow – “You’re calling the good Edmund a duck?”

Reporter“Not a lame duck.”

Hon. Dean Barrow“Ah, there you go. Nuh man, really I expect the PUP to say what they have but there’s no way that can be countenance, man.”

Reporter“But in the public mind, there is certainly a rather significant suspicion as there inevitably will be because this woman did not relent, did not back down and he could not get her to and in fact, the judge said, ‘beat or retreat or you will get beaten.’”

Hon. Dean Barrow“I don’t know that the judge said that and I don’t know what is in the public mind and I don’t think any of us has done any sort fo a survey in this regard. I am sure that people feel that Ms. Burgess had, in addition to anything else, a political axe to grind and those, especially in Belize Rural North, that support Edmund Castro, obviously continue to support him fully. There is nothing that you can point me to by way of proof that would oblige me to have any kind of even conversation with Minister Castro.”


The Prime Minister also addressed several other issues of national importance today as he was on the ground in Dangriga for the bi-election. We will have more on those in tomorrow’s newscast.

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