Man is Knocked Down, Doesn’t Survive

The road side of the George Price Highway in the Village of Camalote was flanked by crowd of on lookers who gathered to see who was the victim of this latest  Road Traffic Accident over the weekend. According to reports, sometime around 5:30 pm on Sunday evening, a man was riding his bicycle on the side of the road when upon attempting to cross the highway he was run over and killed by an unsuspecting white izuzu truck heading towards Belmopan. The victim was identified as 67 year old Miguel Cho of Teakettle Village. An eyewitness explained to us what they saw.

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“We saw the man crossing the road but the road that he was coming from, a man was there too but he looked drunk because he was staggering on the road with his bike. The vehicle that knocked him down… from far I saw the vehicle starting to blow his horn and trying to dodge the man and the man on the bike went right into the vehicle. That’s how he got knocked down. The driver of the vehicle was trying to go away from him but the man went into it. Like I said, he was staggering. I don’t know if it was drunk he was drunk but that’s what I saw happen.”


Can you tell us the direction of where the vehcile was travelling from?”


“He was coming from the western side, like from Teakettle.”

Louis Wade – Plus TV Reporter

“I noticed that the vehicle had to be coming at a certain speed because look how far it is… several hundred yards away.”


“True, he was coming fast but like I said, the driver of the vehicle from up the road saw that he was on the road and cant help himself. He was blowing nd blowing to move away from him but the man on the bike went into the vehicle.”


A nurse checked for a pulse at the scene and 67 year old Cho was confirmed dead. driving the white izuz truck at the time was one 22 year old Odin Hararate of a Belmopan address.

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