BTV continue clearing border

vlcsnap-2013-04-05-20h11m24s101The Belize Territorial Volunteers will travel to the border to continue clearing and demarcating Belize’s borderline from Guatemala. As we mentioned earlier this week, the group has received some jungle clothing and footwear from a Belizean living in the US, Alix Dillet. The group says that the gear came just in time, as the area they will be working in during the weekend, is much more challenging. So, with proper gear and machete in hand, the group is set to hike to Dolores village and clear along the borderline to Gracias Adios. This evening we spoke to organizer Wil Maheia, who told us more about what the weekend’s expedition will look like.

Will Maheia:
vlcsnap-2013-04-05-20h12m29s6The upcoming expedition this weekend will take us into the area of Delores village, and we will cut out there along the border-line.  It’s important that we do this at this time, because the weather is on our side, at the Delores part of the border.
The people of Delores are willing and came out ready to help.
We will have two groups this time because there’s so many people that showed up.  We have to split into two groups.  One group will work South from Delores to Gracias Adios.

Since their first expedition in early March, the group has been requesting the observer support from the Belizean Government, but as we’ve heard time and time again, they want nothing to do with it. But, the BTV got some good news this week; upon their request, the Organization of American States will send an observer on the expedition to observe the exercise from a prudent distance from the Adjacency Line. We asked Maheia what this means for the BTV.

Will Maheia:
This is a very big boost to the BTV and to all the people who have sypathised with us.
A lot more villagers have stepped front and center and said ‘We are now not afraid to come with you, because we know there will be observers there.’ We have requested the presence of the BDF, but we have not gotten a responce fron them.

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