Investigation into baby’s death has stalled

vlcsnap-2013-04-08-20h55m31s189Last year a Ladyville family was rent apart by the death of one of their own. Kaylee Burgess was found suffocated to death in a bucket at the family home. Initially police detained a relative in connection with the baby’s death, but six months on the investigation appears to have stalled. Kaylee’s mother, Deidra Pratt, today told PLUS News that their efforts to light a fire under the investigators in Ladyville have mostly gone unanswered.

Deidra Pratt – Kaylee’s mother:
Me and Kevin, we visit the station so many times and we don’t get any kind of cooperation from the Police
Officers. They just say check Noble and when we go to check Noble he is never in. You just get the turnaround.

And the grieving mother maintains her family members are deliberately hiding the truth behind what happened.

Deidra Pratt – Kaylee’s mother:
vlcsnap-2013-04-08-21h01m27s178The day my daughter went under the ground, that was the last time I saw my entire family. I don’t try to reach out to them and they don’t try to reach out to me. They still try to convince people that they are innocent. My sister she, I don’t know what to say. I try to say that maybe she has a heart and she will make something happen for my daughter because after all it’s her first niece. I say maybe that feeling of guilt will overcome her some day, but I doubt it, I honestly doubt it.  

Nonetheless, Pratt vows to obtain justice:

Deidra Pratt – Kaylee’s mother:
It’s hard for both of us because they are treating her daughter’s death like something that didn’t happen. They are treating it like something that is not important or something that doesn’t need to close or get done. Most of all, they are treating it like we didn’t love her or that she didn’t exist in the world and that’s what we have to deal with everyday to know that no one else doesn’t care or no one else is trying to get justice for Kaylee.  

Police officially are still investigating the case, however press officer Raphael Martinez told another media house that there are few leads for police to follow. Baby Kaylee died two days short of her second birthday.

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