The Caribbean International Development Bank in Collaboration with the Government of Belize is hosting a Training Seminar in Capacity Building in Public Policy Analysis and Management and Project Cycle Management. The training is scheduled for 6 weeks and its purpose is to assist the government of Belize in the rolling out of its Sustainable Growth and Development Program. Fayne Nicasio, Economist at the Ministry of Education tells us more.

Fayne Nicasio, Economist, Ministry of Education: Well the GOB in collaboration with the Caribbean Development bank is currently hosting a training in capacity building in public policy analysis and management, and the public cycle management. The training is going on for two years; last year we did the online training and we had over 200 people participating in that training that came to a close in December last year. This year we’re now running the face to face program that started May 14th, 2018. That was the public policy analysis and management. We’re 

doing now the project cycle management, and all these training will conclude on the 25th of June 2018. The training in basic capacity building is implementing projects and programs, it is also to assist in developing policy. The government signed on to this training to assist in the rolling out of the growth and sustainable development strategy plan that we have currently.

Each training session is being facilitated by instructors sourced by CBD from England and the Caribbean

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