6 year old dies in Spanish Lookout accident

A 6 year old drowned in Spanish Lookout on Monday October 13. 35-year-old Walter Penner of Spanish Lookout reported that around 4:00 p.m., he and his four sons including 6-year-old Elam Penner, left his home driving a toe-head to deliver corn in Spanish Lookout.

He stated that he parked the trailer on top of the pit and went outside to open the holes that the trailer has underneath. He further stated that he went and unloaded the corn, and when he had already opened seven holes and went to open another hole, he heard a cry and noticed his 6-year-old son had fallen into the pit.

He shouted for help, where a man came and assisted him and took out his son from inside the pit, and took him to the Belmopan Hospital.

While at the hospital he was informed that his son was already dead.

Police investigations continue.

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