6 year old shooting victim dies after being taken off life support

Six year old Travis Polanco of Valley Community, Stann Creek District, died today at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) in Belize City after being taken life support around ten thirty this morning. PLUS News spoke via telephone with Travis’ father Thomas Polanco this afternoon and he told us that his son died after being taken off life support around ten thirty this morning. According to Thomas the family considered Travis to have died from as early as Sunday, having never become responsive following multiple surgeries and already starting to take on the smell of death. Police are now investigating and their account of events differs from that told to us by the family. They responded to the scene on April 30, 2015 around 4:45 in the evening and found blood under a palm tree about 5 feet from the street. The alleged shooter is 11 years old and not nine as previously reported, according to police. The police’s initial investigations revealed that while Travis was coming from school he started throwing rocks in the direction of the 11-year-old who reportedly went inside his home and got his father’s licensed 16 gauge Harrington and Richardson brand shotgun from a room and reportedly fired a single shot at Travis who was standing about 50 feet away near the palm tree. Travis was rushed to the Southern Regional Hospital with pellet wounds to the head and then to the KHMH for further medical treatment. Following the determination by medical authorities today, May 5, that Travis was brain dead, his family decided to take him off life support. Police and the Department of Human Services continue to investigate this matter.

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