60 year old Ladyville man shot dead over mangoes

It is something of a tradition for Belizeans to think nothing of helping themselves to blooming fruit such as mangoes. But a 60-year-old man lost his life in the village of Ladyville over the weekend when he made off with valuable produce from a family friend’s yard. We spoke to the sister of 60 year old Daniel Alexander Trapp, Alicia Trapp, who says she still can’t believe how her brother’s life ended.


Alicia Trapp –  Sister of deceasedvlcsnap-2015-05-12-10h11m04s84

“My brother came to my house every morning for coffee. This morning, my brother came, got his coffee and gone. He told me he is going to  take a walk down by Sky City. Every morning he says he will go by Sky City. So this morning, he drank his coffee and he gone.  About  twenty minutes later, my cousin came and told me Danny get shot. I see my cousin the come and I know something happen. He said Danny get shot. I said, ‘What happen?’ He said, Danny get shot, he deh pan the road and he said he will die.’ My next cousin was on the scene too. He said that he asked Danny what happened. Danny said ****** shot me. When the police come, they asked what happened.  My cousin said to ask the man, the man the talk. The man said that my brother said ‘****** mi.’ He told my cousin’ I wah dead,  I wont make it. ****** shot me.” My cousin said that he told everybody at least a hundred times. H kept mentioning it over and over.  Anybody asked him ‘What happen to yuh?’ he said ‘****** shot mi.” Police came and gone with him. He told the police the same thing. Where on earth do they do these things at. Shoot people for mango?”


The former resident of the United States, until his deportation, had one son and lived most of his life with a drug dependency problem, but was not known to be a troublemaker. Alicia Trapp says neither Daniel nor her had any reason to believe his life would be taken over what she believes is a trivial matter. She says Daniel readily identified his assailant to all who would listen, including police, but he could not survive the fatal bullet lodged in his chest.


Alicia Trapp

“The bullet entered over his left nipple and only your heart is there. I am an EKG technician and I know about the heart. I can tell you exactly where he got shot when I saw his nipple over there.  That is heart, his aorta. The muscle that pumps the blood. If Danny doesn’t have that connection… if his blood is not pumping – that blood is suppose to pump to his lungs, the lungs pump it back to the body s it feeds oxygen. If he has that disconnected and for him to walk over there with a bag, he is a strong man. He is superhuman. It is a fragile 60 year old man. He got surgeries and all kinds of things. My brother died very unhealthy. he has a bad knee. The boy walk with a limp, the boy behind is thin. Every time I see him he is getting thinner and I told him that he has to take care of yourself. In no way they should have knocked that man. In no way they should have shot that man. They could have beaten him, lash him with something and tell him not to come back in the yard, but to pull a gun and shoot him is unexplainable. I don’t understand how human beings could live like that and treat other human beings like that.” 


We also managed to speak to a witness to the incident off-camera and she tells us what she saw.


Voice of: Eyewitnessvlcsnap-2015-05-12-12h11m08s188
“Around 9:30 when I was coming down my step to go wash, I just heard the pellet gun going off and I saw the man coming off the tree. When the man came off the tree he yelled that “****** shot me, he shot me in my chest!” and after that he walk across the road and fell down. I didn’t see when they shot the man. I just saw when he was on the tree and he was coming down. he said ****** shot him in his chest.”


Hilberto Perez, a resident of Ladyville who allegedy shot Trapp for stealing 3 mangoes, was charged with murder when he appeared today before the chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith. Perez was remanded into custody until July 22.


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