600 People Attend Father Kurt’s Funeral

People from all across the country congregated at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic church in Belmopan to say their last goodbyes to a very beloved priest, church leader and friend Fr. Kurt Kassebeer who passed away on Monday March 9th. It was difficult to count heads at the funeral service at Our Lady of Guadalupe Co-vlcsnap-2015-03-19-11h13m15s180Cathedral but without over estimating we would have to put the number at somewhere between 500 to 600 people. The service started with a procession at 7 am which made its way to the Cathedral to have the mass of thanks giving for the life of Fr. Kurt Kassebeer. The attendees then made their way the Memorial Garden City at around 2:00 pm where the body of Reverend Kurt was laid to rest

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