Burital Murder and shooting in Roaring Creek

Another murder was reported in the village of Roaring Creek, Cayo District.  One person shot and killed and the other was hospitalized at Western Regional Hospital. Thomas Henry and his common law wife, Kimberly Smith had just recently moved to Roaring Creek with their three children a little bit over a month ago. They were at the premises of Kimberly’s mother at the time of the shooting. Police told us more. 

ACP Joseph Myvett, NCIB

Last night police were called to the residence of one Kimberly Smith in the Another World area of Roaring Creek where she reported that shortly before the report was made to the police that shots were being fired within her yard. She opened the window of her wooden house where she saw 2 persons; 1 of whom had a gun in his hand firing inside her yard and as a result the gunman then turned his attention and his weapon towards her house where he fired several shots which penetrated the wall of her wooden house. She received one gunshot injury to the lower back whilst her common law, who was inside the wooden house, received 1 gunshot injury to the left side of his chest and he was later identified as Thomas Henry, 31 years old.

Kimberly has been treated and released from the hospital. Today, we got a chance to speak to the broken hearted young woman who was shot to the back and to her hand.

Kimberly Smith, Shooting victim

I was asleep after 10:30pm. They just came and shoot up the house. I cannot give more information because of how I feel. My baby father life will not just go like that. He is more than my baby father to me; he was my friend, he was my everything And this time he was innocent. Do you understand? He was innocent. We were sleeping. We were awakened by the gun bullets. I was the first one shot and when I was shot I screamed out. Then he saw the blood and he got up and he pushed the window. They shot up the house and he got shot. He was shot in his upper chest area. I got shot in my back. Can I show it on the TV? I almost died sir! I got shot on my hand I got shot up bad! Only God has me here standing now. My 3 kids were in there with me. They took him in the Vehicle. I said he was dead the way he fell on me; he must be dead and the last words coming out of his mouth last night was “they shot us! Please take care of my son” Those were the last words that came out of his mouth before he stopped talking. So no one knows how I feel.

We also spoke to Kimberly’s mother, Carol, on whose premises the shooting happened.

Mother of Kimberly

I got a disturbing call last night about 10 o’clock. I was at my job site. I really don’t know what transpired so I don’t want to speak but these are my words that I have to share. In 2016, back at my daughter’s premises, they were shot at. I was a witness there. I got my hand bruised but we were not involved in anything. I think it was because of hatred. That incident died a natural death So unfortunate yesterday, last night, they took his life. I don’t know what triggered it because I am hardly at home. I work out. I’m sorry. I am hurt. I’m not upset with the killer or killers Because I know God is my strength and vengeance is his and I won’t take it in my hand. If I can get over my husband’s death I can get over to that of Mr. Henry but I am hurted because it occurred on my premises and I don’t even know his family. They don’t know me. They would see me now on TV. It is so sad. He came here for one month but I am a woman of love, I am a peaceful lady. I make them use everything in my house. They only sleep at the front. I even opened a business for them because I did not want them to do anything illegal because he is seen as a bad boy because of his tattoos. I do not know his past life that is between him and God but whoever took his life; killer or killers I say this; “Payday di Come.” I trust God… when I fall he picks me up And when I stumble he does not make me fall. And when I fall I am not picked up by man but God picks me up and since my husband deceased he holds my hand. My kids, I will not say they are an angel, i will not swear fro them… I am not at home. But definitely the shooting of Mr. Kinley Henry was senseless; it’s a senseless act.

Police say they have two persons detained so far and believe they have enough evidence to charge one of those persons by tomorrow.

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