There was a robbery in Corozal on Thursday afternoon sometime after 3. The entire incident was caught on camera.  47 year old Hong Su Rong, Chinese Business woman of 4th Avenue, Corozal Town, was inside her store when three men walked in. One of the men had on a back pack and quickly made his way behind the counter, emptying the cash register and stuffing the money into his bag. The male and female store owners were being subdued in the meantime by two armed men. The men slapped and kicked the male business owner and pistol whipped him as well. The Chinese male was also stomped in the face twice before the culprits left the store on bicycles that two children had left in front of the store. Those two children were inside the store at the time of the robbery, along with other patrons.  According t o police reports, the robbers made off with BZ $7,000.00 in cash and two cell phones, all to a total value of BZ$10,000. Police are


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