Over the weekend, 7 foreign women were arrested from three different bars after a sting operation by immigration and police. The 7 women from the neighboring countries of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador were arrested after they were suspected of working in bars located in the Ladyville area. The women are 19-year-old Keiling Franco, 20-year-old Mabelin Mejia, 23-year-old Mercy Medina, 32 year old Joanne Morales, 24-year-old, Jenny Portillo all Honduran nationals, 34-year-old Salvadoranian National Edith Laredo Reyes, and 23 year old Guatemalan National Ellie Quintanilla. Reports are that they were also unable to provide proper immigration documentations upon request by police. The 7 women were all escorted to court yesterday where 6 of 7 reportedly pleaded guilty to the offense of ‘deemed a prohibited immigrant’. Police, however, could not prove that they were working in the bars. The court reportedly rejected the removal orders of Franco, Portillo, Reyes and Quintilla and allowed those immigrants to remain in Belize after paying their fine of a $1,000 or serving their 3 months prison term. The remaining 3 women will be sent back home

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