7 years for burglary

Last week we reported on the incident of a 30 year old son trying to stab his 52 year old father in the chest. The father managed to escape unharmed after his son entered their home under the influence or some substance.

The father got out a restraining order against his son, Elton Coba, but Coba paid that no mind and the following day, returned to the family house. The father and mother ran out through the back into some nearby bushes, while the son tore open the screen door and entered the house making threats to kill them all, after which he stole some of his father’s belongings before leaving.

Elton Coba appeared before Magistrate Hurl Hamilton, where he was fined $300.00 for damaging the screen doors, $1,000.00 for breaching the protection order, and was offered bail in the sum of $3,000.00 for the crime of burglary to his father’s house.

The burglary case was adjourned to March 13, 2014.  However, Coba was sent to jail because of another burglary incident which occurred on January 2 of this year. He pleaded  guilty to the burglary and was sentenced to seven years imprisonment.

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