8 days till Guatemalan referendum

There are only eight more days until Guatemala’s national referendum on whether or not to take the Belize Guatemala territorial dispute to the International Court of Justice. The Guatemalan Government has intensified its campaign, encouraging Guatemalan residents to vote yes to going to the ICJ. As part of those campaigns,  Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales visited Peten, Guatemala bordering northern Belize, where he reportedly told the people there that Guatemala is a neighbor that loves and respects Belize. He continued by saying that, Guatemala can have more agreements and treaties with Belize that will serve for the development of both peoples. The President says he is seeking to improve trade and have legal certainty on both sides of the region. However, Moralez also said that Guatemala is not fighting with Belize, but is claiming a historic right, and that they have the right to claim what belongs to Guatemala.  Belize has not yet set a date for its referendum.

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