St. Martin’s Government School celebrates Education Week

vlcsnap-2013-05-15-16h17m19s191Fresh off an extravagant Mother’s Day celebration, the St. Martin’s Government School today, in conjunction with Education Week, has organized a host of activities for students, as well as teachers.  Today, the school campus was abuzz with excitement, as the kids were engaged in creative expression activities, such as dancing, singing and even reading. Acting vice-principal of the St. Martin’s Government School is Angelita Emmanuel.

Angelita Emmanuel – Acting Vice-Principal:
vlcsnap-2013-05-15-20h41m29s200The theme is: “Working Together- Stakeholders Partnering To Enhance Education In Belize.”  For this week we have activities such as Spelling Bee, we have Educational Trips, we have some sporting activities, and we have some other interesting activities, fun activities.

Emily Martinez Palacio, a teacher and literacy coach, told us about the activities that catered to the infant division.

Emily Palacio – Teacher, Literacy Coach:
vlcsnap-2013-05-15-20h41m41s67The children are given opportunities that they can express themselves in the expressive arts.  Brother Fem was doing the sing-along, where he used the guitar and have them sing children’s songs, church songs, and varying cultural songs.  We have Senior Steps also, doing their dance, and we enjoyed having them today.  So we also wanted the children to show appreciation and respect for older people.  So we were trying to bridge the gap between the young and the old.  The Senior Steps did an excellent job in showing the children that there is more to life, because for them everything is boring.  But I noticed when the Senior Steps were working with them they enjoyed the session from the beginning to the end.

Remarkably, the school has initiated an innovative behavioural approach to motivate positive thinking and behavioural traits, this is called Book Therapy. The students participated in this activity today.

Emily Palacio – Teacher, Literacy Coach:
vlcsnap-2013-05-15-16h26m02s2My group was story telling.  What we’re trying to do is to use books as therapy.  So we call it “Book Therapy” where you use books to get children to heal themselves and to deal with the anger, their frustration, and different feelings. The story that we were doing today was “Pat The Great Cat” and the setting is in the rainforest of Belize, where it is a cool and calm and inviting setting.  So we took the children into that setting, and have them image that they’re there, so that you can calm them down.  So we do a lot of Book Therapy, so that we can help them deal with their emotions.
The Book Therapy is something that they really grab on to, because then we find books that deal with the emotion that we want to help them with. So if it is anger,  we find a book that is calming. Then we try and use that to deal with their personalities, and to deal with their emotions.  The Book Therapy is very excellent.  It’s an excellent idea, and we’re encouraging parents to use that, and teachers across the board, to use Books to deal with emotions. 

Other activities organized for the week include a special presentation for teachers by the students, as well as administration, a Mr. or Ms. Teacher’s Day and a staff field day.

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