8th Street Shooting connection

Two murders that happened only three days apart, on the same street, are believed to be related.  Plus News reported last week on the murders of 35 year old Luis Dominquez and 45 year old Clinton Fitzgibbon on 8th street in the Kings Park area. These men both worked for the city council and it is believed that Fitzgibbon was murdered as an act of retaliation for the killing of Dominquez. Police spoke on the matter during their bi-weekly press briefing.

Several person they have been detained they have been questioned and they have to release because there is no other information coming from them so who so ever was detained all of them have been released I suspect that is  related and the main reason behind it is because of those two murder is drug related . We are still looking for 3 more person that could assist us with the investigation.

Police investigation continues into these murders.

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