90 year old shop owner robbed and killed

A 90 year old store owner was robbed and killed in August Pine Ridge, Orange Walk District. According to police reports, sometime around 2:30 vlcsnap-00035Thursday afternoon, 90 year old Pedro Pol was in his shop in the village when two Hispanic men entered the store. The men were armed with machetes and they bound Pol and robbed the store of an undisclosed amount of money. Before they left, they chopped Pol several times to his head and hand and severely beat him. They then left him bound and bleeding on the floor. A customer later walked into the store and found Pol unconscious on the ground. The customer ran to get assistance and Pol’s 59 year old son, Terencio Pol, rushed from his work place to the store.  Our colleagues at CTV3 interviewed the son.

Terencio Pol, Son of Pedro Pol: Here is where I found my dad, here on this corner. His hands were tied and bruised, he had a towel on his neck, and he was here on the ground. I picked him up, when I picked him up I ran to a vehicle that was outside and there is where we took him to the vlcsnap-00038hospital. I asked myself, what is it that they want? The drawer is there, where he kept his money and as you guys can see there is nothing in there, they also took a few other things. This happened in broad day light, as if it was nothing they did, they are robbing people in broad day light. We want justice and that is what I told the police, we want justice. If there is no justice what should we do? Should we make justice with our own hands? This is not fair, that is the reason I say, they have to do something about this that is happening in the village, I explained to the chairman about this situation. This is what is causing this generation of young people to start doing this criminal acts.

The senior citizen was rushed to the Northern Regional Hospital but in under an hour he died. Terencio told CTV 3 that it was a shock to his family. He says his father just turned 90 in April and has no issue with anyone. He says that those who saw the men leaving the store explained that the men are strangers to the village.

Reporter: How many persons have you heard, that did this?

Terencio Pol, Son of Pedro Pol: The said it was two persons. I didn’t see them since I was at work but I heard that they caught one and the other one ran away. A lot of people that were outside saw them.

Reporter: Are they persons from this village?vlcsnap-00036

Terencio Pol, Son of Pedro Pol: No, they are not from here, they are not from the village. That young man that the police took with them is not from the village.

Reporter: What were the injuries you saw on your dad?

Terencio Pol, Son of Pedro Pol: On this side of his face he had a big cut wound, and it was deep also. He also had a broken teeth on this side of his mouth, and the doctor confirmed that. He also had two stab wounds behind his head, and that is what cause his internal bleeding. My dad is already ninety years old, on the 27th of April he became ninety.  He hasn’t done nothing to no one,

Police have detained one suspect and are looking for another.

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