A Belmopan School Bursts Excitement Over New Library





The children at Garden City Primary School are overjoyed, and for good reason too. After a full year of planning, coordinating and executing, yesterday, September 19th, the Garden City Primary School Library officially opened its doors to eager students. the construction of the building from start to finish was indeed a community effort, seeing as teachers, parents, leaders in education and other community members lend a hand in this joint project. Miguelina Cuevas Pose, a Peace Corps volunteer working with the District Education Centre, and Kevin Hall, Principal of Garden City Primary were two key members of this partnership. They explained how this project went from dream to reality.

Mrs. Miguelina Cuevas PosePeace Corps Volunteer

vlcsnap-2013-09-23-12h59m43s87“When Ms. Bev. Invited me to read, I shared one of my favorite books, ”Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”.   The children loved the story and they listened to it as the story unfolded.   But I was reading one chapter at a time, and made them wanted to read the book by themselves on their own, so they could finish it sooner.   Then, an unexpected trip home led two of my friends asking how they can help in books being sent to the library of Garden City Primary.   The books arrived, but then, we had a problem:  We don’t know where to put them.”


Mr. Kevin Hall, Principal of Garden City PrimarySchool

vlcsnap-2013-09-23-13h00m33s221“This project was actually a joint action between Garden City Primary School and Mrs. Miguelina Cuevas  Pose.   She, through a Peace Corps Partnership funding, got funds for the ceiling, the roof, the doors  and the windows.   So. This project was a dream that myself and Ms. Miguelina Cuevas Pose had about a little over a year ago”.  


Both Principal Hall and Beverly Requeña, a Garden City Primary School teacher, also expressed their gratification and are excited to see how the children adapt to this new facility

Kevin Hall, Principal of Garden City PrimarySchool

“I am very excited about this.   One of the things that we have to do as a quality child friendly school is to provide the opportunity for the kids to be more involved in literacy”. 

Beverly Requena-Teacher and Librarian at Garden City Primary School

vlcsnap-2013-09-23-13h44m55s202“I’m going to be the one working with the library working to help with the children that are behind with their reading, you know?  And for the others that who want to enjoy reading as a literacy development for them, it was the first time that I brought the children to work, and I could not be angry with them for not wanting to do anything, just wanting to page through the books”.


The kids did not pass out an opportunity to express their tumultuous excitement on camera.

Joselyn Valle-Student at Garden City Primary School

vlcsnap-2013-09-23-13h26m53s182“I’m…excited about the opening of the new library because I like to read.   I have gotten a chance to read the new books already.




Jared Coleman-Student at Garden City Primary School

vlcsnap-2013-09-23-13h27m16s154“I feel happy because I can learn, read books, since I have always like books from I was small”.




The Garden City Primary School is accepting book donations in hopes of increasing their collection for the students.

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