A desperate father pleads for the return of daughters

Belize City automotive tradesman Jaime Chan is desperate tonight, as he believes local authorities conspired with the mother of his two daughters, ages 8 and 5, to take them from his custody earlier this week. Chan told his story to PLUS News today.

Jaime Chan – Automotive Tradesman: 
vlcsnap-2013-04-26-19h43m19s12On Monday of this week Human Services came to my house.  They came to inquire about the condition of my children.  Their mother made a report on Friday against me, about how I’m not giving my children vaccines, which I don’t believe in vaccines,we have a right on that, and that I’m not putting them in Public Schools.  So I tell them I’m giving them home schooling, and i have a right to that too.   It might not be the type of home schooling that they approve of.  I could always go to the Educational Officer and find the proper procedures and so, but I don’t feel they have the right to come, take my child.  For five days now I don’t know where they are, and that’s wrong.  They don’t call me and tell me exactly where they are.  They know where I live.  I go and call the office. I go and try and find out Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to  find where y kids are, and they don’t tell me.
This is my kids.  I love my kids very much, and they have never been sexually abused by me or physically abused by me.  But I have pictures to show that their mother is physically abusing them, and I can’t accept the decision of these people, Human Services, to take my child away and possibly give it to their mother, knowing that she is the abuser.  I’m not the abuser.

He and their mother have been married for 13 years, but they briefly separated in 2011. The Department of Human Services suddenly visited their home after the mother reported him to them for refusing to vaccinate the children or send them to school, but he insists he’s done nothing wrong. According to Chan he is prepared to hire an experienced teacher who can guide them along the primary school curriculum, as he contends is his right under the Education Act. But right now, he just wants the kids back. Here is his tearful plea to the Department, his wife and their children.

Jaime Chan – Automotive Tradesman: 
My daughters, be strong.  Pray a lot.  Don’t let them vaccinate you, and fight them, and be careful what you eat, because not everything  that they give you is healthy.  Stay away from pig products, because that makes your mind sick and your body weak.  So watch out the candies they give you.  Don’t take sweets and sugary biscuits. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables only, until Daddy meet you again.  And we will meet again.

This afternoon we tried reaching the Department but was told that only the Director can respond to our queries and she is out until Monday attending a workshop. We will continue to pursue this story.

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