A Giant Snake Surprises Workers of San Ignacio and Santa Elena

vlcsnap-2013-11-12-16h33m57s40vlcsnap-2013-11-12-16h34m20s43Last week’s relentless rain flooded the banks of the Macal River, which separates the twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena, leaving the San Ignacio Wooden Bridge completely submerged underwater.   This significant repercussions on the daily flow traffic as the only alternative bridge apart from the wooden bridge is the single-lane suspension bridge the Hawksworth Bridge.   The rain has ceased, for the time being, that is.  Nevertheless it has been enough  for the water to recede allowing for wooden bridge to resurface. Today public workers, came out to assist in cleaning the bridge when they made an unexpected discovery.

Mvlcsnap-2013-11-12-16h32m56s221r. Gary Wiltshire- Resident of San Ignacio Town

“Bway, well we mih dih clean the edge of the bridge like this you know and all of a sudden we see sonding like e dih tro bite awta we.   And when we remove all dehn ting, watcha, we neva believe da that size deh!   We no waa killa but we waa sella da chiney man…you know…and e haf fih com up right deh pahn dih edge waa big log deh pahnah dih haff  mashah…Yeahhh!”

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