A Teacher Says she was Detained for Selling Barbeque at her School

An educator in Roaring Creek, Cayo, claims she was detained for selling Barbeque at her school. However she was not charged and no one took her statement.

Selmita Russell, who now teaches at Raymond Shepherd Nazarene Primary School, claims she was at home with her three children on Friday night when she was visited by police

vlcsnap-2014-05-30-18h22m41s206Selmita Roselle- Teacher at Raymond Shepherd Nazarene Primary School

“On Friday night, after the Bar-b-q sale at 10:45pm, me , a two year old set of twins that I have, and a 5 year old daughter were at home when the police came knocking at my door. I asked who it was and they said “an officer”… so I opened my door.  When I opened the door, the officer said that I need to go to the police station.  “I asked him, for what, sir?”  He told me that they have a complaint against me at the police station.  I told him, “can you come in to see that my babies are in the house and I just can’t pick up and go?  Can it wait for tomorrow?”  The officer said, “I don’t know what you will do, but you need to come to the station.”  I told him, “give me a chance to call around to get someone to watch the babies while I am out.  He did not give me that chance”.

According to Russell, she had to leave her children unattended, despite her objections.

Selmita Roselle: “The officer went as far as assisting me in trying to call the corporal that gave the order to pick me up and ask him if I could do it in the morning. The corporal denied and he said that they need to bring me into the station now.  I complied with the officer; I left my babies at home by themselves because I had nobody else to leave them with and I went with the officers.  When I reached the Roaring Creek police station, the officer handed me over to the corporal.  He addressed his situation [telling him] that he met two colleagues and that I did a fundraiser in his child’s name; [he said] that was illegal and he told me that he brought me to the station because if he went to my house, “it would have been nothing nice”. He expressed his feeling in an angry way”.

Belize police CapOn Tuesday she made an official complaint to Internal Affairs.

Selmita Roselle: “I made a statement, a complaint which they took and they’ll call me back to attend- I believe they call it a tribunal, for the officer”.

We contacted the Office of Internal Affairs in Belmopan today and they confirmed that there is an ongoing investigation into the matter.


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