A toddler has been reunited her family after being kidnapped

Police in Corozal Town are presently investigating a frightening case of abduction for ransom, involving a Chinese national in the seaside town. Because the issue is sensitive we will not identify the mother by name, but we can tell you that according to our information, she was driving with her one year old daughter, on the ITVET road on Sunday, after leaving the Corozal Freezone. While driving, the windshield of their vehicle was shattered by a stone, which prompted her to stop. That was when two vehicles suddenly blocked her from proceeding on the road. Gunmen poured out of both vehicles and snatched the child, telling the mother that if she gave them a ransom they would return the child, but also threatened to kill the baby girl if she reported the matter to Police or the press. Before fleeing, they gave the mother a cellphone – and told her that they would contact her on it.  Unconfirmed reports are that they were asking for as much as $420,000 US dollars. But after a strange turn of events ,police were able to reunite the mother and daughter. We understand that the kidnappers took the child to Orange Walk and hid her there, possibly with someone that knew nothing about what was happening. Apparently on Monday evening they then hired someone to take them to Corozal with the child. On approaching the seaside in town, the kidnappers ordered their reluctant helper to leave the baby there, but he objected and was miraculously able to get away and get the child to police in town, between 11:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning. Several men have been arrested and are in custody as the police investigation continues. Meanwhile, Police are still seeking out other suspects. The incident is believed to have been carried out by both Belizeans and Mexicans.

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