Abel Arana gunned down in Hattieville

Abel Arana gunned down in Hattieville. There was a murder on Sunday night in Hattieville Village, the possible product of a family dispute. Police say 23-year-old Abel Arana was shot in the abdomen and buttocks while Sherlock Ralph Martinez, other particulars unknown, was shot in the lower abdomen when they drew weapons and fired at each other while socializing at a residence in the village. Martinez remains in the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital but Arana died while in treatment at the Hattieville Health Center. His father says he was supposed to be going out to work.

Father of Abel Arana
vlcsnap-2013-03-04-19h55m31s137I came from the Cayes. I came because of this same incident. The reason why I came is because I was supposed to take son Saturday to go work out at the Cayes with me. But my sister constantly said they will kill my son, they will kill my son, they will kill my son.
I wouldn’t say he was socializing, but I know he has his friends. But he doesn’t really hang out over there with them. When I saw my son, my son was dirty, greasy and he had on a clean brand new white shirt. These brothers deal with a lot of old iron. One of them shot him right here. They said that when my son was running, he got another shot in his back.

Arana’s father alleges that his family members know what happened and claims that he and other family members have since been threatened. Through tears he admits that this is a hard experience for him.

Father of Abel Arana
They said who is next? Pa and sister. So that means that it’s me and my sister who are next. When my stepdaughter came to look for Abel. They crowded my stepdaughter by the roundabout to beat her up. Even me they want to kill. Why will they kill me? I didn’t do them anything. Even me they want to kill. They tell me that if I walk the road, before I reach the bridge they will kill me. But I said I don’t care, come, do it, kill me.

Police are investigating according to the area’s chief officer ASP Chris Noble.

ASP Chris Noble: 

vlcsnap-2013-03-04-19h56m00s176Our investigation at this time is still ongoing and we are looking into the possibility of it being within the persons that were injured.
We have no one detained at this time; we have statements that we have recorded.

ASP Noble would not say if the matter was suspected to be gang-related and declined to elaborate on the nature of the investigation.

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