Accident at Green Tropics leaves two men injured

Two men employed at Green Tropics sugarcane company are at the Western Regional Hospital receiving treatment, following an incident that occurred sometime after 2:00 pm on Tuesday, at one of the construction sites at Green Tropics. According to reports, the two men were working at a construction site in the factory, located in the Banana Bank Area, Cayo District, when some beams fell on top of them. According to our sources, a crane was picking up some metal beams measuring about 40 ft in levlcsnap-2014-08-13-06h12m54s212ngth; however it was reported that the beams were not secured properly and as a result the beams started rolling back to the ground. The two men who were injured during the incident were immediately rushed to the Western Regional Hospital. According to our sources, one of the victims received severe injuries to his leg and will be taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital to receive surgery. The other individual received minor injuries to his leg and was treated and released.

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