Accident claims lives of two children, several others injured

A traffic accident claimed the life of a minor on the Hummingbird Highway. On Sunday, August 17th, Marvin Zuniga, Claudia O’Brien and nine minors; Lizeth Martinez, Amir Rodriguez, Gabriel Martinez, Stephanie Rodriquez, Manuel Martinez, Graciela Martinez, Leonela Rodriguez, Tirelly Martinez and Ariani Rodriguez were heading back from swimming to Belmopan around 6pm in their vehicle.  Reports say that the driver, Marvin Zuniga, then lost control of the vehicle around miles 50 and 51 and that caused the vehicle to have flipped numerous times and crashed on the right hand side of the road. On approaching the scene, Police saw the lifeless body of  a little girl, Ariani Rodriquez,  laying face up on the left hand side of the highway with head and body injuries. The other passengers sustained serious injuries to their bodies and were rushed to the Western Regional Hospital. Acting officer in command, Inspector Stephanie Grinage, tells us more about this incident.
vlcsnap-2015-08-18-19h00m03s945Stephanie Grinage: The vehicle was extensively damaged . One of the minor succumbed to her injuries on the spot, another minor later died that was transported to the Karl Hushnier Memorial Hospital and we have three minors there at the hospital, and two are at Western Regional Hospital and two were released this morning. The female companion is presently at the Western Regional Hospital, she is in a critical but stable condition.

While the Police know the whereabouts and conditions of all passengers, they still are missing one man, the driver.

Stephanie Grinage: The driver of the vehicle, we’re still investigating as the driver at the time absconded from the scene.
Reporter: And you’re still looking at who this driver is do you have any leads?
Stephanie Grinage: We have some leads and we’re trying to work with our counterparts with immigration as we believe he is a Honduran National but we’re working along with them to try and see if we can locate this driver of said vehicle.

 The minors that succumbed to their injuries were from Orange Walk and the Salva Mopan Area in Belmopan while the other minors remain at hospitals.

Stephanie Grinage: So far we have established that one of them is from Orange Walk and one of them is from the Salva Mopan area here in Belmopan. The two that are at Belmopan Hospital are in stable condition, two were released and we have three that are in critical but stable condition in Belize City.

. Police investigation continuesvlcsnap-2015-08-18-18h59m29s457vlcsnap-2015-08-18-18h59m40s492

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