Accident in Belmopan involving passenger bus

There was a traffic accident in front of Tropigas in Belmopan.

A J and J bus coming into Belmopan collided into a white Ford Escape, also coming into Belmopan. It was raining slightly and so the  road was wet at the time.

The bus dropped off someone at A and R and was picking up speed, when the next vehicle overtook the bus and was turning into vlcsnap-2014-12-13-06h37m25s237Tropigas. The bus slammed into the front passenger side of the white car causing the vehile to spin in the next direction.

Police say there are two different versions as to how the accident happened, according to both drivers. The driver of the white vehicle says that he had enough space to turn in to Tropigas, while the driver of the bus says the white car turned in right in front of the bus.

Police are yet to make a determination as to who is at fault.

No one was seriously hurt but the white vehicle was extensively damaged.

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