Accident on Belmopan Ring Road; one man dead

There was a tragic accident this afternoon on the Ring Road in Belmopan which claimed the life of one man. He has been identified as 29 year old Osman Orlando Giron, a resident of Salva Pan who worked at Barack Trading Store in Belmopan. According to reports, well known Belmopan resident, Ismael “Miley” Garcia, was driving his gold Toyota pickup truck on the Ring Road headed East, when he reportedly turned off left to enter the Orchid Garden area. Coming in the opposite lane, headed East, was Osman Giron on his motorcycle. Miley Garcia somehow ended up crashing into Giron head on. The impact was deadly and Giron was taken to the Western Regional hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.  Miley Garcia appeared uninjured. Arriving at the scene was Giron’s younger brother who tearfully spoke to us off camera and said that Giron was headed to Builder’s Hardware to buy a blade for a machine as he was in the process of rebuilding their mother’s house. The house had apparently been blown down by Hurricane Earl. Osman Giron was the mother’s only financial help and the only breadwinner for the family. The younger brother says Giron had only managed to put up the stakes for the house so far and now the younger Giron says he doesn’t know how to go to his mother with the tragic news.  As for Miley Garcia, police say they have served him with a Notice of Intended Prosecution and expect to lay charges shortly. While on the scene this afternoon, police had problems with a few bystanders who police say were trying to interfere in the processing of the scene. Police had to speak to them rather roughly and asked them to step back from the scene.

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