Accused Courier in Passport Scandal Mr. Eric Chang is Back to Belize


Belize international AirportCouncilor and former Deputy Mayor of Belize City, Eric Chang has come off his hiatus and has returned to the country. Chang, who was on a long and drawn-out visit to Taiwan, is accused of being involved in the granting of a falsified passport to South Korean national Kim Won-Hong, while imprisoned in Taiwan.

Shortly after the scandal involving Wong broke, Chang abandoned his duties at City Hall and severed communication lines with Mayor Darrel Bradley. It has been almost eight weeks since he was scheduled to return to Belize and during that time, Chang insisted that he needed to remain in Taiwan with his sick grandfather. It was during this period that the Council met and decided to remove Chang has Deputy Mayor.

Belize Interantional Airport internal

But tonight, Eric Chang is back in the country and left to answer for not only his wayward absence, but to allegations of being the courier assigned to deliver the fraudulently obtained passport to a man believed to be behind an elaborate embezzlement scheme, citizen Kim.





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