Accused drug trafficker receives bail

On August 20, Orange Walk Police recovered some 54.7 kilograms of suspected methamphetamine  or “crystal meth” from a suspicious black vehicle traveling in town. 30 separate packs located in a red cooler and a carton box were recovered. The men in the vehicle tried to outrun police in the direction of Liberty Avenue, but the driver lost control and then they tried to leave on foot, but the Police caught them.

That driver is 49 year old Orange Walk Town resident Ruperto Reyes, and he had been remanded to prison on drug trafficking charges.

But he was offered bail on Friday of $50,000 by Justice Herbert Lord. The bail was offered on the condition that Ruperto Reyes surrender all of his travel documents, and that he reports to Orange Walk Police Station 3 times each week until the case is concluded.

So far Mr Reyes has not met bail.

Ruperto Reyes was represented by attorney Phillip Palacio. Crown Counsel Portia Staine represented the Crown.

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