Accused gang members released

What seemed to be a slam-dunk conviction for the Police Department went by the wayside on Monday morning.

Police have recently begun targeting alleged members of criminal gangs in Belize City, under the Crime Control and Criminal Justice Act, on charges such as professing to belong to a criminal gang.

Five such persons were charged in October: Edwin “Drive” Flowers, 34 year old Michael Coleman, 23 year old Emmerson Skyers, vlcsnap-2014-12-10-05h56m16s21824 year old Albert Clother  and a 17 year old boy. The group is alleged to have told police officers under caution that they were members of the gang known as Peace in the Valley or PIV.

The bust took place at Albert Clother’s residence on Jasmine Street in Belize City.

But at trial set for Monday morning the case file was not available, and the arresting officer was not present, and Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer dismissed the charges for want of prosecution.

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