Accused murderer had fake Belizean birth certificate

One of the other elements of the Llewelyn Lucas murder case is the fact that a birth certificate, issued in June of 2015, indicates that William Mason was born in Crooked Tree Village.  Police say it is a fake certificate since Mason was born in Guyana and is now a Canadian resident.  It is another matter that police are investigating. The question of how Mason could have gotten that birth certificate was also asked to Minister of Immigration Godwin Hulse following the press conference.

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“I am hearing the story now. I am just hearing to story from you Jewels this morning that he has some vital statistics documents. If he has a Vital Statistics document then it has nothing to do with nationality – it has to do with passports, meaning he would have presented that. I have not had any opportunity to speak to any officer or indeed to follow up on it. But of course knowing me you know I will. By this afternoon I will be looking to see what information we can have from that angle but at this point I am in no position to speak. We don’t have any control over Vital Statistics. We had put in some serious measures to deal with the nationality aspect, but if you show up with a birth certificate and you have a Social Security picture and the Social Security card looks good – remember birth certificates have no picture, so I don’t know who that is. It has no fingerprint so I don’t know who that is. It’s one of the loosest documents you can imagine. It goes back to the days when we had confidence in the nation and nobody lied – not any more. So getting a Vital Statistics document seems very easy and of course, of course, I saw a picture of him a while ago for the first time. I don’t know the man. He could be any other Belizean. So if you show up with a document like that and a Social Security card with your picture and of course if there’s somebody who’s prepared to sign the passport application form to say they know you then you’re good to go.”

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