Accused of Robbery and Stabbing Assault is out on Bail

vlcsnap-2014-03-18-18h50m31s22619-year-old Damian Leslie is out on bail and is due back in Court on May 6th. Leslie is accused of robbing a female of her bike and stabbing another in one day.

This morning, he was unrepresented before Magistrate Hettie Mae-Stewart where he was charged with one count of robbery for allegedly robbing a female of her $200 bicycle and one count of wounding upon Mark Pelayo for allegedly stabbing him once.

Both incidents happened on Sunday, March 16, in Belize City somewhere near Central American Boulevard.  According to police reports, on Sunday, March 16, 2014, officers were on mobile patrol on Central American Boulevard when they were intercepted by a red Explorer.  On the back seat was Mark Pelayo who was suffering from a stab.

Police spoke with the female who was in the vehicle and she told them that Pelayo had just been stabbed.   While at the Supreme Court of BZE.police station making an official report into the stabbing incident, Pelayo looked up and saw Leslie being escorted by police for the totally separate incident of robbery of a woman’s bicycle.

That is when he pointed to Leslie and told the officer it was that man who attacked and stabbed him in the back earlier that day. In court, Leslie pleaded not guilty to both charges and he was offered bail in the sum of $5,000 plus two sureties of $2,500 each, which he met.

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