Accused pedophile arrested and charged

The 42 year old  US registered Sex offender who has been accused of molesting a minor in his home on Police Street in Belize City has been arrested. His name is Kenrick Bowman, and  Belize City police officially arrested and charged Bowman this afternoon sometime after one vlcsnap-2015-09-25-20h26m01s39o’clock.  The charge is for “Engaging in a Sexual act in the presence of a 15 year-old child”. However this charge is not in relation to the incident that allegedly occurred last week Saturday where a minor was seen coming out of his house disheveled and reportedly told neighbors he was made to have oral sex with the Bowman for 2 packs of noodles.  This arrest is for another matter. Sr. Superintendent Chester Williams, Officer Commanding Easter South Division explained.

Sr. Sup. Chester Williams: Basically we had a complaint from a child who gave the police certain information as it relates to Mr. Bowman as a result of that complaint made by the child, we formally arrested and charged Mr. Kenrick Bowman today for the crime of engaging in an activity of a sexual nature in the presence of a minor. Well the charge for which we have charged for today, I had no reservation with that one. I had reservation as it relates to the one that took place on Saturday hence the reason we have not proceeded with that. I do not believe that because there is a public outcry on a certain matter that the police should jump and charge. We should charge when we have evidence and as it relates to what may have took place on Saturday, we do not have the evidence to move forward with that investigation hence the reason why we have not moved forward with that. We need to do certain things, we need to confirm certain things then we move forward from there.

vlcsnap-2015-09-25-20h26m06s65Bowman was arraigned this evening in front of Magistrate Ladonna John where he pleaded not guilty. The prosecutor objected to bail on grounds that the police investigation is ongoing against the defendant, that there will be more charges levied against him, and that if he is granted bail,  he may try to interfere with the prosecution’s potential witnesses.  The prosecution also argued that Bowman should not be granted bail for his own safety since the matter has garnered national coverage and there is the matter of the public interest in the case.  Magistrate John then asked Bowman if he feels as if his life is at risk but Bowman said no; that he was selling the house and staying with relatives for now.  Magistrate John  then asked the media to leave the court so that she could get some personal information from Bowman in our absence. Within 4 minutes the media was allowed back in.  During that period of our absence, it appeared Bowman provided the court with an address as to where he will be living until the remainder of the court matter. He was granted bail  in the sum of $3,000 plus two sureties of $1,500 each but due to the time frame, and due to the conditions of surrendering certain documents to the court, Bowman could not post bail and he will spend the weekend at the Belize Central Prison.  His bail conditions are that he must report to the Raccoon Street police station three times a week and he must not apply for any other travelling documents since he alleges that his old documents, including his passport, were stolen.   His case was adjourned for November 25, 2015.


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