Addy Pacheco won’t testify without her attorney present

Immigration Officer Addy Pacheco appeared before the senate Select Inquiry today as well. She was to be the first witness, however, at the beginning, she explained that she was willing to answer questions but not without her lawyer present. She informed the Chairman that her lawyer was unable to attend today’s session and so she requested of the commission to wait until next week when her lawyer could be present.

Addy Pacheco, Immigration Officer: At this point I stated to my lawyer that I am willing and will cooperate fully and answer your questions, but I will do so with his presence; if that’s okay with you. I will answer all questions with my lawyer being present; and if we could reschedule for next week Wednesday we both will be here.

Aldo Salazar, Chairman Senate Select Committee: He indicated that he will be available next week?

 Addy Pacheco, Immigration Officer: Yes he has indicated that.vlcsnap-00005

Aldo Salazar, Chairman Senate Select Committee: We would not compel you to be here with the presence of council unless if there is an issue with presence of council, but he said that he’s unable to be here today and that he will be able to come next week therefore you will be handed a summons for your appearance next week.

The Chair, Aldo Salazar, agreed and so Pacheco is to appear next Wednesday.  Pacheco’s name appeared several times in the Auditor General’s report and she was the 2nd in command at the nationality department during the processing of the Won Hong Kim Nationality. Pacheco was also questioned by Belmopan  police when the Elvin Penner passport scandal broke.

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