Adventist Youths March for Godly Principles in Belmopan

The series of Constitutional marches have been drawing massive supporters throughout the country. With its success, some people have been asking, will there be a march on the Capital City and if so, when? While we do not have that information available at this time, we want to remind our viewers that in September of last year, there was such a march organized by the Adventist Church. Tonight we’ll take a look back at that story.

Adventist Youths March for Godly Principles in Belmopan
September 17, 2012.
vlcsnap-2013-07-17-18h50m20s10The youth arm of the Union of Seventh Day Adventist Churches of Belize had a massive Church rally and march in the City of Belmopan this past weekend. The church organization congregates annually and this year youths from all across the country convened to energize its membership and to discuss the plans and projections of the national youth fellowship. AS a part of this year’s activities, this Saturday they held a very public march around the Belmopan Ring Road and other streets . Plus-news covered the event and found out why the Seventh Day Adventist Church is now taking such a proactive stance against the evils affecting our society. Pastor Benjamin Carballo, head of the Inter-American Division of the Union explains more.

Pastor Benjamin Carballo,
vlcsnap-2013-07-17-18h50m58s45We have a beautiful impression here in Belize. It’s a very happy youth but they have also promised to make a difference in this society. Between yesterday and today we are convinced that they are enabled to do what God asked them to do according to the Bible. That means that the Advent Church is accomplishing what the youth today should be doing in our churches. Otherwise we would not have this enthusiastic group of young people here today. They are very humble and very loving but we need to say that they are struggling. They have different situations that there is still hope for those people that are involved in gangs we can still have a change if we can get to them very close and we encourage Belizean people to take their eyes and to focus their eyes on Jesus Christ.

Pastor Guy Nembhard with responsibility for the Youth arm says that they must step out and start to influence positive change in the community

Pastor Guy Nembhard
vlcsnap-2013-07-17-18h52m56s22One of the greatest needs of our young people is Jesus Christ I believe that if the youths today can know more about Jesus we would have a different Belize I honestly believe and I thank God for those of us around this country that is taking Jesus to the young people and when we pray, when we study and when we tell others about Jesus it encourages youths of this country to be faithful to the Lord and I believe that is also a way that will cause many of the problems that is facing our country, robbery, stealing and committing murder I believe that if Christ can be the center of the life of these youths we can have a better Belize.

Youth director of the Belize Union of SDA Churches Pastor Leslie Gillette shared on the importance of the weekend activities.

Pastor Leslie Gillette
vlcsnap-2013-07-17-18h53m29s83This weekend is important to the young people in the church because over the next three to four years we will be emphasizing four important areas in relation to the development of their lives. Number one we will be emphasizing that they need to come together in small groups to pray, to study the word of God, and to witness. number two we will be emphasizing that they organize themselves and go out into their communities and  make a difference in the lives of their fellow men. We are also emphasizing the importance of making use of the internet; the vlcsnap-2013-07-17-18h54m01s179superhighway to witness, and fourthly we are also emphasizing the the importance of winning their friends by publicly presenting the word of God, through public and private evangelism; through preaching the word of God to their fellow young people.

The Union of SDA Churches held forums and activities throughout the entire weekend. The organization has an active membership of 36,000.

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