After mayhem, a “mini-truce” established on Southside

On Friday, an intervention was held with most of the major players in the current gang warfare plaguing the City. Police swept up a number of persons in an anti-gang operation on Friday morning and they were held up to late Friday night. The operation included searches at the home of known gang affiliates for firearms and drugs as well. With the urgency of the situation in mind, ACP Williams informed that participants have promised to “hold it down” and allow the City to heal. He told us more in an interview on Saturday afternoon.

ACP Chester Williams, Assistant Commissioner of Police

I can tell you that in the session the parties agreed that they will hold it down and they will try to see how they can vlcsnap-2016-07-12-11h47m51s75promote peace among themselves. Those who were not at the intervention yesterday we will make sure that the ones that were pass on the message to them and they all agreed that the shooting needs to come to an end because they are all at risk. We have set another date for another meeting, which I will not disclose, and on that date we are asking them to come on their own voluntarily. Importantly we are trying to see how well we can develop the syllabus for the conflict resolution under management workshops within the different areas. We want to teach them that there are many different ways to handle a situation and using a gun should be the last resort.”


As ACP Williams said another meeting has been planned to follow up on the success of this “mini-truce” in the Old Capital. Meanwhile, ACP Williams said that for the mediation to work and the crime situation to stabilize, a revision of original thinking is needed:

ACP Chester Williams, Assistant Commissioner of Police

“At the end of the day there has to be some degree of compromise. My thing to these young men is that as long as you are behaving yourself and your not out there pulling a trigger or targeting people to shoot I will work with you. If you are out there targeting and pulling a trigger you will not be treated the same way as the people who are not doing it. We must be able to work with each other. From a police standpoint I am willing to make some concession to be able to facilitate them. I have always said that I don’t want to stir an ant’s nest that is at rest. If the ants nest is at rest then leave it that way. Sometimes you find that police officers don’t have this concept. They still have the mentality that we police are to go out and use force at all times. Force, yes, will be used at times but we must learn when, why and how to use force. The force that we use must always be proportionate to whatever situation we are dealing with. If there is a situation where force is not needed then there is no need to go down that road.”

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