AG denies attempts to politicize General Legal Council

The General Legal Council which appoints Senior Counsels and manages the profession in Belize is also up for changes according to the report in the Times, but the Attorney General today appeared to deny attempting to politicize the body by having the A.G. appoint all of its members:

Wilfred Elrington – Attorney General:
vlcsnap-2013-03-12-19h56m17s114That is something which I would not support.  I would not support the AG appointing the members of this committee. I think that if it’s in the legislation, certainly when recommendation is made to amend that, I would support that, because it’s not a recommendation I would want to support.  I can’t recall giving that recommendation at all.  But I am suggesting to you that it has not been doing anything like that over the years..

Elrington said the main process for appointment of attorneys to the Bar will not change:

Wilfred Elrington – Attorney General:
It’s not the Bar Association, you know.  That is two different things.  [Once you’re called to the bar] you don’t have to be a member of any association. If the bar association had a stellar record of assisting people at the Legal Aid Centre who need assistance, of assisting the indigent, of assisting the young attorneys in how to perform their functions and duties, assisting them in becoming better versed in the law, nobody would have any complaint with the Bar Association.  That is what it should be doing.

Comments are due on the proposed amendments by March 15.

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